In storytelling, the often-overlooked background can be the key to making your central narrative shine. Whether you’re a screenwriter, novelist, game developer, or filmmaker, our services are dedicated to enriching your story by meticulously crafting the world that surrounds your characters.


It’s important to note that our Background Fiction Creation Services are tailored exclusively for businesses and creative enterprises.


Preferred by Video Game Companies: Over the years, we’ve worked closely with numerous video game companies. We’ve witnessed the growing demand for rich and immersive backgrounds in the gaming industry, and we’re proud to have become a partner for developers looking to enhance their gaming universes. Our services add depth and authenticity to virtual worlds and contribute to the overall player experience.


Immersive World-Building: While you may have a firm grasp on your central characters and their journeys, the world they inhabit sets the stage for their adventures. Our creative team specialises in world-building, expanding your core narrative into a fully immersive and believable environment. We ensure that every aspect of your world, from the geography and history to the cultures and technology, aligns seamlessly with your central narrative.


Vivid Supporting Characters: In the hands of an adept scriptwriter, game designer, or novelist, central characters often take centre stage. Our focus is creating the supporting cast and background characters that breathe life into your world. We develop characters who seamlessly fit into the backdrop, adding depth and authenticity to your narrative. These characters aren’t just placeholders but integral to the story’s authenticity.


Rich Historical Context: A well-crafted background is often steeped in history. We assist you in developing a detailed historical context for your narrative, complete with events, timelines, and cultural evolutions. Whether it’s a historical drama, a futuristic sci-fi epic, or a fantastical realm, our historical context services ensure consistency and resonance.


Setting as a Character: Beyond being a backdrop, the setting becomes a character in your story. We focus on making your setting an integral part of the narrative, with its own quirks, challenges, and contributions to the plot. This approach not only adds depth but also makes your story more engaging.


Thematic Enrichment: Themes are the soul of storytelling. We help you explore and expand upon the themes that matter most to your narrative. Whether it’s exploring complex moral dilemmas, societal commentary, or philosophical questions, our background services add thematic layers to your story, enriching its overall impact.


Customised Detailing: Your narrative is unique, and our services are tailored to align with your creative vision. We work closely with you to identify areas that need further development, ensuring that the background details we provide enhance your central narrative rather than overshadow it.