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Kraxon Publishing


Welcome to Kraxon Publishing. We are a small independent publisher based in the United Kingdom.

Our primary focus is currently geared towards our online magazine – Kraxon Magazine. We publish short stories, of approximately 1,000 words, in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres.

We also have several special submission windows throughout the year with a defined theme and genre.

Magazine submissions are accepted from international authors. For more information on both the general and special submission, please see the magazine submission guidelines.


New twelve part story for 2016

The First Colony is a twelve-part story written by Nathan Hystad.
Could these first steps on an alien planet be the beginning of the first colony?
The First Colony is published on the 15th of each month throughout 2016.


New twelve part story for 2015Zodiac Eclipse is a twelve-part story written by Thaddeus White published throughout 2015.
Renowned bounty hunter Gertrude Jaeger is hot on the heels of infamous pirate Captain Brasidas, master of The Sun Dancer. Only Brasidas has turned the tables on Gertrude and now her survival hangs in the balance.


E.J. TettHouse of Witches is a twelve-part story written by E.J. Tett published throughout 2014.
The House of Witches is the slang term for the Imagination Correction Facility. An institution designed to teach young girls how to use their special abilities; or at least that’s what it says in the brochure.


Story of the Year Winner

New short story by Juliana S MillsRipped Away by Juliana S Mills voted Story of the Year 2015 by readers of Kraxon Magazine.

Read Ripped Away



A story starts with a beginning, and we hope to start the story of many a great author to come.




Latest short story from Kraxon Magazine

Cyber Control by Rosie Oliver

Cyber Control by Rosie OliverI am numb, paralysed from the neck down. Strangers over-ooze sympathy when they hear the word: quadriplegic. Family and friends avoid me, too embarrassed that they can stand on their own two feet. I hate this prison of false emotions. I want to be back in the real world, the way I was before my so-called accident.


The sea was my fascination. I would sail, swim, dive, or if it was in a fury, stand back from the shore to watch pebbles being hurled out of its spindrift.

The injury happened when I was diving in the newly discovered Forden sea cave in Gothenburg’s archipelago; 33 metres depth and 240 metres in to be precise. A pink granite boulder twinkled wildly in my lights. Curious, I diverted towards it. Two strokes should have got me there. I barely got three quarters of the way. Puzzled, I checked my oxygen via my wrist screen. Levels were normal. I felt my lips with my tongue. They were warmer than normal, a sign of carbon dioxide poisoning. My diving app had gone haywire.


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