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Kraxon Publishing


Welcome to Kraxon Publishing. We are a small independent publisher based in the United Kingdom.

Our primary focus is currently geared towards our online magazine – Kraxon Magazine. We publish short stories, of approximately 1,000 words, in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres.

We also have several special submission windows throughout the year with a defined theme and genre.

Magazine submissions are accepted from international authors. For more information on both the general and special submission, please see the magazine submission guidelines.


New twelve part story for 2016

The First Colony is a twelve-part story written by Nathan Hystad.
Could these first steps on an alien planet be the beginning of the first colony?
The First Colony is published on the 15th of each month throughout 2016.


New twelve part story for 2015Zodiac Eclipse is a twelve-part story written by Thaddeus White published throughout 2015.
Renowned bounty hunter Gertrude Jaeger is hot on the heels of infamous pirate Captain Brasidas, master of The Sun Dancer. Only Brasidas has turned the tables on Gertrude and now her survival hangs in the balance.


E.J. TettHouse of Witches is a twelve-part story written by E.J. Tett published throughout 2014.
The House of Witches is the slang term for the Imagination Correction Facility. An institution designed to teach young girls how to use their special abilities; or at least that’s what it says in the brochure.


Story of the Year Winner

New short story by Juliana S MillsRipped Away by Juliana S Mills voted Story of the Year 2015 by readers of Kraxon Magazine.

Read Ripped Away



A story starts with a beginning, and we hope to start the story of many a great author to come.




Latest short story from Kraxon Magazine

The First Colony – Broadcast by Nathan Hystad

The First Colony – Broadcast by Nathan HystadJuly 15, 2149, Hawking

Grant ducked and hoped he’d been fast enough to avoid being spotted. He knew there were dozens of the monstrous beasts in the hollowed out cavern, and he had no idea what direction they would come at him from. His stun-gun sat uneasily in his now sweating palm, but he knew there wasn’t enough juice in it to take all of them down. He would have to be lucky. After a moment of silence, he once again heard an occasional grunt, and the constant humming of the large, blue, glowing power source from the centre of the room.

Knowing he had to do something, and quick, he crawled down the hall. The floor was a dusty, red shale and his hands and knees were getting cut up and raw from rushing across it. Better sore hands than being dead. He slipped into a small opening in the wall and crouched down, hoping to catch a peek of what was going on in the room. Apparently at this point, he hadn’t been seen, but he knew his luck would run out sooner or later.

A voice began blaring through the speakers of the cavern. The acoustics, mixed with the fact that it was in an entirely alien language, gave it an ominous tone. His heart raced at the new information. This couldn’t be from the grunting, howling monsters, so it had to be from an outside source. Was there another race on this planet, or was this voice being transmitted from far away? Perhaps from one of the ships depicted on the cave walls in a crude triangle shape.


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