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Kraxon Publishing


Welcome to Kraxon Publishing. We are a small independent publisher based in the United Kingdom.

Our primary focus is currently geared towards our online magazine – Kraxon Magazine. We publish short stories, of approximately 1,000 words, in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres.

We also have several special submission windows throughout the year with a defined theme and genre.

Magazine submissions are accepted from international authors. For more information on both the general and special submission, please see the magazine submission guidelines.


New twelve part story for 2016

The First Colony is a twelve-part story written by Nathan Hystad.
Could these first steps on an alien planet be the beginning of the first colony?
The First Colony is published on the 15th of each month throughout 2016.


New twelve part story for 2015Zodiac Eclipse is a twelve-part story written by Thaddeus White published throughout 2015.
Renowned bounty hunter Gertrude Jaeger is hot on the heels of infamous pirate Captain Brasidas, master of The Sun Dancer. Only Brasidas has turned the tables on Gertrude and now her survival hangs in the balance.


E.J. TettHouse of Witches is a twelve-part story written by E.J. Tett published throughout 2014.
The House of Witches is the slang term for the Imagination Correction Facility. An institution designed to teach young girls how to use their special abilities; or at least that’s what it says in the brochure.


Story of the Year Winner

New short story by Juliana S MillsRipped Away by Juliana S Mills voted Story of the Year 2015 by readers of Kraxon Magazine.

Read Ripped Away



A story starts with a beginning, and we hope to start the story of many a great author to come.




Latest short story from Kraxon Magazine

The First Colony – Departure by Nathan Hystad

The First Colony – Departure by Nathan HystadJuly 11, 2149 – Seeker. Earth’s Orbit.

“We are all set to go Commander,” First Officer Penner said, hands hovering over the ship’s controls.

Karen took one last look out the viewport at Earth and said a silent prayer for the people they were leaving behind. “Hail the Santa Maria, please.” She fidgeted with her collar. “In my office please.”

She sat at her desk, empty except for the comp screen. It buzzed and an image of the Union president appeared. “What is it Bilson? You should be gone by now.” President Carne’s face flushed.

“Yes, sir. I just…-” she paused, wondering if she should just keep it to herself, “I want to know if you have a plan to come back and help Earth once we’ve settled?”

Carne’s red face turned crimson and a vein pulsed on his forehead. “Bilson, follow your damned orders and don’t question me again. There are plans in place that are far above your pay grade. Fly your vessel in front of us. Keep us posted and we will be a day behind as planned. If you fail to do so, you will quickly see yourself left behind, alone on the lift to Earth!” The screen went dark.

The guilt that somehow she aided in the world’s death tried to weigh her down, but she knew she had to shake it off and help those she could. The colonists were her main focus now. With a new resolve she walked back to the bridge.

“Penner, take us out.” The first officer smiled and soon the ship was accelerating quickly away from Earth and everything they’d ever known.


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