Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the Magazine FAQ’s for questions regarding Kraxon Magazine.


What genres do you publish?

Science Fiction, Fantasy and related sub genres such as supernatural, utopian and post-apocalyptic, supernatural, utopian, dystopian, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic and alternate history.

What regions do you publish in?

We publish worldwide. Our primary region is the United Kingdom.

Are you a vanity publisher? / Do I have to contribute any costs of being published?

No. A vanity publisher requires an author to pay to have their books published, and thus accept all manuscripts submitted to them.

Kraxon Publishing does not require the author to contribute any money towards the publishing of their book. This does mean we have to be very selective of the manuscripts we accept and offer a publishing contract for.

Do you pay an advance on royalties like the big six publishers?

An advance on royalties is negotiated at the contract stage and the level is determined by a number of factors including sales forecast. A first time author should expect to receive a lower advance, if any, than an author with a proven sales volume.

Note : An advance on royalties is excatly what it says. You will not receive royalty payments until you earn out the advance amount.

Is an advance split over multiple books?

If we are publishing a series containing a certain number of books then an advance might be split into several part payments. Depending on what is agreed, the royalties may count towards the whole advance or only towards the specific book the part advance was paid on. These details would be negotiated during the contract stage and you will know the breakdown of advance and royalty payments.

Royalties on books published individually which are not part of a series contract would only count to an advance paid for that specific book. Whilst information regarding advances and royalties on other books would be taken into consideration when negotiating an advance for a future book. The royalties themselves would not count toward advances on separate books.

I’m unsure of what a specific clause in the contact means?

If you’re unsure of any clauses in a proposed or signed contact, then please ask. We will endeavour to explain the purpose of the clause and why it’s included.

How quickly will you publish my book?

Each author is different and we believe it would be a mistake to try and approach every project in the same way. For instance, if you are writing a series then issues concerning future books may need to be thought about before earlier books in the series are sent to print. Publishing dates will be discussed during contract negotiations and included in the signed contract.

How much say do I get on the artwork?

We understand all authors have a picture in their minds of how the book cover will look. We always try to accommodate the author; however, we retain final say on the cover design.

I’m already published, or I’ve self-published. Will you look at my book?

Yes. We will consider published and self-published authors.

Generally, we will not reprint an already published work. An exception may be made where the already published work is part of a series and you are submitting unpublished work for that series. This exception requires that you have the appropriate rights for the published work.

Note: If another publisher still has the rights for previous works in a series you intend to submit to us. You need to check they do not have rights to future works in that series or that the contract has any other clauses preventing us from considering your work.

Please refer to the submissions page for more information.

Do you consider manuscripts written by multiple authors?

Yes, providing all authors are aware the manuscript is being submitted to us.

Will you consider a manuscript written by my spouse/partner/family member?

The original author of the work must submit the manuscript. We will only accept manuscripts from a third party if you are working in the capacity as an agent for the author.

Will you provide detailed feedback on why you rejected my book?

Sorry we don’t give detailed feedback on rejected manuscripts.

Do I need an agent?

We accept manuscripts from both agents and unrepresented authors. The submissions page will have further details at the time of any submission window for unrepresented authors.

How do I send you my book?

We only accept electronic submission. Please refer to the submissions page for details.

My question is not answered?

Please use the Contact Us page to ask further questions.